Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Project : Martial Art Bandstand ( Silat )
Currently working on my second project designing a bandstand. Well as you can see its very organic. :D Well, the quote for this time is "you have to love your 'baby' no matter what because its your own freakin design." That's the line I kept saying everytime I frustrated didnt get what I had in my head in 3d form. :P
The objective of this project is POINT and SPACE and PLANE and SPACE.
Anyway, thats not the point. See the picture below? Yeap, that's my own little drug. My drop-dead-gorgeous-hot-golden eyes-too hot- EDWARD CULLEN. I kept repeating this movie since I started my work till the end of the day. And its going on and on and on everytime I did my work. I know! I can't help it. So, to nad, back off, he's totally mine. :P Cheers!


Oh yea, meet BUYEN, my 2nd vintage bag. Buyen, meet everyone. She's gorgeous isnt it? :)



shea said...

heyya..u amik course ape ek?ur project tu seems soo familiar to me..

Vintage Vendors said...

shea: im taking architecture in utm la dear. :) really? are u taking architecture too?

shea said...

heh!im taking industrial design in UTM too!!fancy dropping by to UTMians blog :)

natto said...

amek laa edward...
dah ramai sgt yang minat kat dy, he's almost a male-whore now.=p
nak jasper~~~!!!!

Vintage Vendors said...

shea: oh really? haha! what a small world kan. u in utm kl or jb?

natoo: u take that back you..you.. youu.. i'll burn your mouse! hahahahahahahah!!!

shea said...

jb my dear :)

Vintage Vendors said...

owh, im in utm city campus kl la dear. heheh~ its okey, dulu i duduk jb jugak and got a house there. :) duduk skudai, dekat ngan utm gak. u? org jb ke?

shea said...

nono..im KLian~ hehe..sentul gal ;p